Since its Establishment in 1983, Bharat Light and Fitting Industries is among the industry’s leading designers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, architectural, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational and residential applications. For over 30 years, our products have become benchmarks for innovation, quality and new energy-efficiency standards.

Under the brand name ‘LIGHT PRO’, our Lighting Solutions are the architect’s ultimate dream machine that would lend atmospheric buoyancy and effortless credence to every concept they could conceive. Committed to excellence by building a strong reputation as a leader in quality, value, customer service and innovation. We are large enough to do it right, small enough to care.

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In recent years, Kumbhat Group has championed dean energy technologies and products by establishing state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic technologies in India and by pioneering grid connected solar power generation plants to serve the serving energy demands of a vibrant nation. Lighting consumes approximately twenty percent of the energy produced in any country, and the currently available lighting products are either energy inefficient or have adverse impact on the environment. The global transformation phase. Worldwide, incandescent lamps are being banned and phased out due to their energy inefficiency. Solid State lighting options, namely, LED lighting, promise to provide safe and efficient alternatives for older lighting technologies and will complement each other in how they are creatively used in future lighting applications. The solid state lighting business team at the Kumbhat Group is pleased to bring these high quality, energy efficient, advanced LED lighting products.

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We are committed to true innovation by employing the latest design and engineering technologies that meet or exceed the highest international standards of specifiable design, craftsmanship, quality, performance and energy efficiency.


Dedicated to assuring unprecedented quality and environmental safety on all of its products. We pledge extraordinary effort to assure that quality is the number one priority, while pioneering advancements in our comprehensive Quality Control Program. We know that the success of any business is contingent upon the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations, and we take their goals very seriously, as their success is our success.


We pride itself on our award winning customer service and quotation departments. We are committed to continuously improving the service, quality and value we offer the lighting industry. From our advancements in technology and social networks, to our heightened public relations awareness, newly updated specification sheets, revamped website, our friendly and informed staff is here to serve you with responsiveness and accuracy. We stand behind all of our products and offer a strong warranty and friendly technical support from our experienced staff.